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Providing women with the opportunity for education, experience, and success.
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About She is Strong

She is Strong is a small organisation dedicated to empowering and providing aid to all women.
We are currently an independent campaign organisation with plans to become a registered NPO in the near future. At the moment, we are working with existing charities, helping to promote their cause.

After School

We are working with Hector A Cafferata Jr. Elementary school located in Cape Coral, Florida.
She is Strong - After School is a program for girls ages 8-11. It’s goal is to develop their leadership skills and help them connect with their community and see their needs.
This is just a pilot program but we are hoping to expand to other schools starting next year!

For the Girls

We are currently promoting Emasithandane Children’s Shelter, and their need for sanitary napkins and health education.
All donations to this campaign will go directly to the shelter to help pay for female hygiene products.
Donate on GofundMe or via PayPal to

Our amazing team

Stephanie Konczal

Stephanie Konczal

Director of Impact

Stephanie is a final year student at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She hopes to pursue a Masters in Public Health and work with US veterans as her primary population. Stephanie works at a YMCA in central Ohio where she has the joy of promoting well-being and a healthy lifestyle in her community. What started as a campaign initiative on behalf of a children’s shelter in Nyanga, South Africa has led to her creating She is Strong.

Maddy Bazil

Maddy Bazil

Marketing Director

Maddy is a photographer and writer based between Cape Town, Washington DC, and Scotland. She is keenly interested in storytelling and activism which engage with human rights and feminism. Her documentary photography and writing have been published at Musée Magazine, Private International Photo Review, Matador Network, the Culture Trip, and elsewhere. She is a final year undergraduate student of English at University of St Andrews with an ultimate eye on a career in global media/photojournalism and NGO work.

Jessica Baron

Jessica Baron

Director of Development

Jessica is a third-year student at Boston University, studying international relations and psychology, on a pre-law track. Throughout her time at university, she has worked with many organisations, all fighting injustice, oppression, and inequality. She has independently filmed two documentaries that have both been recognised by her university. For Jessica, female empowerment is an issue that desperately needs to be addressed, globally.; her goal is to live in a world where every country offers the same rights and liberties to every person.

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